Family Owned and Operated since 1980
1000 Pacific Coast Highway, Seal Beach, CA 90740 (562) 493-5477

Our Repair Services

Lube, Oil & Filter Services

We only use the highest grade semi synthetic blend oils, advise on when to use OEM parts and follow all scheduled maintenance listings for each make and model vehicle.

Complete Brake System Service & Repair

If your vehicle isn't stopping like it use to, don't hesitate any longer! Bring it into Automotive Excellence today for a thorough inspection of your car brakes!

Complete A/C System Service & Repair

Get your car ready for the warm summer ahead with Automotive Excellence's A/C services. We'll recharge your system if needed, and perform any necessary services on your compressor, evaporator or condenser.

Huge inventory of tires

We have a huge inventory of tires in stock offered at competitive prices. We specialize in tire repairs & also have a state of the art Hunter G-Force Wheel Balancer!

Front and Four Wheel Alignments

Our state of the art Hunter P811 alignment machine is capable of performing both front and 4 wheel alignments. If your car pulls to one side when you let go of the wheel, bring it in to Automotive Excellence and let us straighten you up!

Shock Absorber & Strut Replacement

Nothing feels better than a smooth ride! All too often, shocks and struts are ignored until the very end. Let us take care of smoothing your ride by performing a shock and strut replacement.

Complete Cooling System Service & Repair

Our technicians are qualified to replace radiators, thermostats, water pumps, heater cores and all hoses imaginable on your cooling system. Don't let a leak get out of control.

Major and Minor Tune ups

Is your car hard to start? Is it sluggish when you step in the accelerator? These are simple symptoms that may mean you need a tune-up. Drop off your car today and we'll put the pep back into your ride!

Auto Glass Replacement

Automotive Excellence can replace your auto glass and windshields with OEM quality glass and adhesives recommended by the manufacturer. If you've notice a crack in your glass and don't know if you should replace it, stop by and we'll give you a free inspection.

Battery Replacement and Care

When it comes time to choose a new battery, Automotive Excellence not only carries Interstate Batteries in house, but we can provide almost every make and model available on the market even for Boats, RVs, Motorcycles and Camping Trailers!